What is a sound alternative to an air freshener?

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Nobody wants unpleasant or musty smells in their home. They can affect the homely feeling, while you naturally want to avoid any strange odour from lurking, particularly when receiving guests. A common solution to this problem is to use an air freshener. Contrary to what the name suggests, however, the air is not actually freshened by the contents of the aerosol can. Such chemical substances are designed to mask unpleasant odours, but do not have a freshening effect. Moreover, masking the smell generally only works temporarily. Increasing numbers of people have therefore begun to seek an alternative to air fresheners.

Alternative to an air freshener

People are becoming increasingly aware of the effects that chemicals have on our health. It is therefore only logical that they have begun to look for ‘natural air refreshers’ and ‘alternatives to air fresheners’. Fortunately, we at Scentchips® have several alternatives to air fresheners. No chemicals, no short term effects and most importantly: a delightful, fresh fragrance. Our ScentChips enable you to create the fragrance combination of your choice. Are you in the mood for a floral scent, or do you prefer seasonal fragrances? It takes you just a few minutes to transform your living room into a forest, a flower meadow or a river using our fragrance chips.

Combine various solutions

Scentchips products enable you to lend your home a natural fragrance, without having to use chemicals. Does the room smell pretty musty? You may also opt to thoroughly air the room first to neutralise the smell. Then use our fragrance chips or fragrance sticks for the most favourable result. Place the fragrance chips in one of our wax burners, all of which look pretty attractive, even if we say so ourselves.

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